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With years of form development and design experience the team at MORE THAN FORMS has developed their dream suite that truly is MORE THAN FORMS.
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Frank Balistreri

Frank’s heritage in Silicon Valley has been life-long, reaching back to when the valley was still covered with fruit orchards and ranches. Frank’s father, Leo Balistreri, a San Jose native, worked for IBM for 30 years and helped develop the first ATM machines.

Frank’s passion for computers started in high school, writing his first programs on Paper Punch Tape Machines.

In 1977, Frank worked for Sperry Univac, then in In 1978, he joined the then 2 year old Apple Computer as employee #142, working on the Apple II. While there he helped start the first service and parts departments. As well as the new program to track Apple II in for repair.

At age 29 Frank founded SigForms, an electronic forms printing company. Frank and his team created products for some of the largest software companies in the world. He developed electronic forms and object library that shipped with Adobe Exchange, electronic forms for Lotus CC Mail, and electronic forms products for Oracle, SAP, BaaN, Computer Associates, other application software products.

The company was highly successful and was named the 9th Fastest Growing Private Company of Silicon Valley in 1999. Later in 1999, SigForms was sold to StreamServe, a Swedish company that was recently acquired by OpenText.