iMOS Consulting launches MORE THAN FORMS, a new product designed to increase leads on car dealership websites by 30%

Santa Cruz, CA USA: Beta testing of MORE THAN FORMS resulted in an average 30% increase in customer interactions through the website. Select cases showed a 200% increase.

Form submissions have been on the decline industry wide and recent Cox research found that 99.6% of in market car buyers are looking for the shopping process to change. People want car shopping to feel more like, uber, airbnb, or Nordstrom’s, not like they are going into battle. The goal when designing the product was to bring those customers back onto dealership websites with an increased comfort level. Testing showed that if people are approached with the MORE THAN FORMS interface, they are forthcoming on a variety of topics. MORE THAN FORMS cultivate trust, good communication, and on average 30% more opportunities for dealerships.

“The forms that MORE THAN FORMS created and put on our website have made our clients more comfortable expressing their needs. We are receiving more form submissions than we ever have, and the quality of customer communication is also better than ever.”— Paul Normandin, Owner of Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. 

“MORE THAN FORMS has become a part of our daily operations, we now rely on them for all our website communications. They created the forms exactly how I wanted them and they are working great. We are getting better results than expected.”  — Brent Christiansen, Owner and GM of Tomball Ford and Tomball Dodge. 

Frank Balistreri, CTO of MORE THAN FORMS, commented  “The Automotive Industry has seen a decline in online form submissions due to consumer fear of spam, identity theft, and endless emails or phone calls. We have found that if consumers are approached in a unique, polite, genuine way and allowed to communicate without restrictions, they are very happy to provide far more than just their name and phone number. After extensive research and testing, we are proud to say that MORE THAN FORMS is a generational leap forward, far surpassing default website forms and third party plugins that cannibalize existing traffic. It's exciting to have changed the way consumers communicate their automotive needs online.” 

The product includes 10 forms that include Sales, Service, Parts, and Client Relations activities. MORE THAN FORMS Automotive is universal, and can be installed on virtually every automotive website platform and works with most common CRM systems. iMOS Consulting is a privately held Silicon Valley based company that works with clients in the Automotive Industry to create performance-based websites on a variety of development platforms, including MORE THAN FORMS is a division of iMOS. 

Frank Balistreri has developed Electronic Forms for IBM, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Apple, Disney and many other companies.

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